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I think the Serpent is not a coincidence and is part of how possibly the next album will be related to Superstition and therefore, Hide And Seek. It looks like Ouroboros, which is an ancient symbol of a snake eating it's own tail that represents paradox or infinity and wholeness. That could tie in with several mythological, spiritual and religious references that TBM has been doing, especially for Superstition.

Chibi talks about this HERE in an interview with Arena.

Chibi: Oh, "Divide" is a good one. That one has a lot of, sort of, legend imagery to it. We were looking at Norse mythology and sort of the concept of three witches, and there is a tree in the forest, and the river goes to it and feeds it the rive of life. Again, [going back to] all these spiritual ideas and concepts of what lies beyond and what different people believe. If there were any viking funeral stuff, it would probably be in that song (laughs). If you look at the lyrics of that, we just sort of dug up some stuff. Rainbow was really into the lyrical imagery of that song. He did a lot of research and put a lot of images we've never heard of before [into that song].
- Divide also has the lyrics: "In the night, we dance with our devils and dine with the snakes."

For the Beyond music video, it seems to be similar to a viking funeral: "lakes of fire" - just on land
I dunno if it's another reference but in the song it says "The sound of her voice lost in thunder" I always think of Thor, the Norse god associated with thunder and lightning.

Also, when I bought the "Occult Bunny" t-shirt, I looked into the symbols on it:

1. "The crossed keys in the coat of arms of the Holy See symbolise the keys of heaven entrusted to Simon Peter."

Religious, heaven (which could tie into the afterlife theme)

2. "In Crete, the symbol of the double-axe (aka Labrys) always accompanies goddesses, and it seems that it was the symbol of the beginning (arche) of the creation. The word labyrinth, which the Greeks used for the palace of Knossos is possibly derived from labrys."

Mythology, beginning (could relate to a new start or new life in the "afterlife") Labyrinth made me think of the maze that appears in the Blue music video

3. "The valknut (Old Norse valr, "slain warriors" and knut, "knot") is a symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles, and appears on various Germanic objects."

Norse mythology, knot (the serpent, infinity) the number 3, which I have noticed TBM using more of lately: "The fates will divide in three." "Two brothers and a sister with three poison hearts" - these characters appear on the album cover and "Trinity"

Originally Posted by Plague Kitty View Post
I think Hide And Seek is related to Superstition. If you notice, The Long Way Home ends with waves crashing. And Divide starts with ocean waves.
Yes!!! They are definitely related, I think. Even the albums themes seem to tie into each other...Hide And Seek seems to be about murder and death. Superstition to me, is about after that and being on "the other side" (which is even a song title ;D) so it's continuing some story (or stories) that Hide And Seek has told.

At the end of Superstition, with the instrumental, it sounds like it will be continued. Like it's not actually over :D Hoping the new album will continue from that, just like Superstition starts from at the end of "The Long Way Home"

I really love what they are doing with the mythological references and such with their songs, especially Norse mythology Very interesting and creative, cannot wait to see what they do for the next album, even if it's not going to be as connected as I am anticipating!

Sorry for the rambling, I don't even know if the connections I made even mean anything but just found it all interesting and wanted to share ;D I'm sure there's probably even more connections with more research

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