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^ I agree with the aging theme! Also ties in with some lyrics from Counterpane; "strange changes come with age" "when we were innocent"

I do wonder if this album will relate to Superstition and even Hide and Seek. I've always believed Hide And Seek's main theme is death / murder while Superstition's is about the afterlife / being on "the other side" / or even the "in between" some place between this world and the next or heaven and hell - a continuation. A long time ago I speculated that maybe this album would be about a "rebirth" (continuing the themes of the 2 previous albums) but don't think so with the songs released so far.
All of them also seem to focus on relationships too (which I love a lot!)

Something I've noticed is how with TBM's earlier albums they mention the number 2 a lot. "two of them are sisters" "cutting every face in two" "two hearts" And then Superstition, 3. "the fates will divide in three" "three poison hearts" "trinity" And now with this album there is a song called "one" Not sure if it means anything and why it's 2, 3, 1 - just wanted to mention it xD

I've heard this album is more "mature" and now that I think about it, that's pretty interesting since TBM's older albums seem to focus on childhood and growing up themes (even with the children on the album covers)

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts. Maybe they sound crazy to other people I just find TBM and their music so fascinating - it's fun digging deep into meanings and such :D
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