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Default TBM Interview Collection - The broken Timemachine

Hey guys,

sometimes I dream about being able to go back in time. I would do all the stuff that I missed and undo all mistakes of the past. Sometimes that dream is the very specific idea of becoming a TBM fan earlier, taking part in everything that has happened over the years while it was actually happening.
Too bad time travel as of yet is only a fantasy.

So I created an alternative.
The broken Timemachine.

Remember this Meme: Do somethingsomething? Do ALL somethingsomething! ?
I thought: Collect interviews? Collect ALL the interviews!
This is of course impossible, but I think I did a fair job with everything I could find on Youtube and the rest of the Net. I also added the music videos I felt were important and a few other cool things that caught my eye.

You'll find everything fairly chronologically below this post. If you don't like reading, here is a playlist for the Youtube Videos:

I hope this will be a treat for everyone who loves this band as much as I do and/or for people who'd like to get to know them.

So lean back, enjoy the ride and let time take you back to the beginning. Listen to their voices, telling you who they really are.

Nobody could do it better.

Metal. Mayhem. Murder.
Boring Girls by Sara Taylor:
It's dark beyond the tourbus.
You'll see.

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