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Originally Posted by Blas View Post
I have to agree that the combination of TBM and EA feels rather... awkward. After hearing the news of the tour, I took it upon myself to watch an entire EA concert on youtube (the L.A. show from earlier this year). I felt very weird watching the whole thing. EA live is clearly for a mostly different audience. I was asking myself who is playing the instruments. From what I could tell, no one. EA still sings the songs herself, and there were very few minutes of her playing the violin and piano. Other than that, it's basically a burlesque show. I am not hating on her style, yet I fear the crossover of fan base, especially for the live performances, is not as large as some people may believe. Obviously, this could likely also be the reasoning for the co-headlining tour, to increase each others fan base. I am hoping that EA will change the style of their show to be more "compatible" with TBM's style of simply kicking ass as a more traditional concert performance.

Yeah, I know what you mean. When I saw her a few years ago, she did play the harpsichord and violin a bit more, but the styles won't mix well. IIRC, there were actually quite a few TBM fans on the Asylum board, so there's always that.
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