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Originally Posted by FadedReality View Post
No worries! If we had met them before and felt comfortable doing that, we probably would have followed! I thought I saw you the next night in Orlando and was going to come say hi but I wasn't sure it was you until I saw your FB linked in your profile here.

Maybe next listening session we actually will be in the same room
Sounds good! I'm hoping they do another Pledge and listen session in the future. Despite getting a little sick on my trip up there, it was a lot of fun! I hadn't gone to the Orlando show, although I thought about it since it's about 2 hours away.

Not sure if the guy from Sumo was irritated, he probably meant they were going to unwind somewhere. I think most of the three bands' members ended up at the bar near Orpheum. At one point I was talking to someone sitting next to me, and so was looking outside. I saw Sumo Cyco walk by, or maybe they came into the bar, I'm not sure. There were already a lot of people, both from the show and not, in the bar before members from TBM, SC, and AotU got in.
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