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Hello everyone! First post here. I've been a fan of TBM for a couple years, since I discovered them on Pandora. I was at the Chicago show on November 20 with a friend. We ate dinner in the restaurant downstairs and made it upstairs to the show a bit late (massive fail, I know). TBM was playing "Sleepwalking" as we came in. Can anyone tell me which song(s) we missed?

I thought TBM was totally awesome. I had never seen them live before. They played some of my favorite songs and had great energy. I was rocking out like an idiot back by the bar, and at one point Chibi said "I see you back there!" I hope to see them again someday soon!

I have to admit that I was rather disappointed in EM. (And I do consider myself a fan.) I thought she did a good job acting, but her entire accompaniment was canned, and she didn't even play the violin. I know that FLAG is basically the soundtrack for a musical, but her show was kind of a watered-down musical which I found unsatisfying.
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