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Thinking about things.

We were supposed to hang out next week but then Scarlet texted me that it was in the middle of May that she was going to come to Los Angeles, to see me. And not only that. She was bringing along her boyfriend. Her. Boyfriend. THIS IS OUR FIRST MEETING AND SHE'S BRINGING ALONG HER BOYFRIEND?!?!? Um, I became friends with her. Not her fucking boyfriend. I'm sure he's a great guy (I keep seeing her disgusting ass Facebook posts about "I'm so happy in this relationship!" and wedding dresses and wedding cakes, all lovey dovey-I had to unfollow her because I was going to go insane! x.x) and everything but no. I want to meet HER first and then the boyfriend can be introduced to me. That is the appropriate thing to do to someone! Not what she's doing. Forcing me to meet him as well during our first meeting. One person at a time, please! Like, I get if it was her brother or something. Because it's family and you're not going to say no to family. I'm bringing my sister along. That's acceptable. But a significant other to a complete stranger? During your first meeting? Just to fucking disgust me with your "I love you! Look at this California sunset! Awwwwwwwwwww, how romantic, babe!" and you know what will happen? She'll probably have ME take the picture as they kiss with the ocean in the background.

Like, what am I supposed to do in that situation? Do this?

"Oh, I'm so honored to be the single person in this couple thing you've been throwing in my face all day long!"

Ugh. Just the thought of it is making me want to barf. I'm not even kidding. Who wants to be the single person during a couple's retreat? I'm not saying they talk like this but who the fuck wants to be around this all day, "Babe! Look at that! Babe, I want one! Buy me one! BABE! BABE! BABE! BABE! BABE!". Whoooooooooooooooooooo! *Getting pissed off*

Like I said. I became her friend. Not her boyfriend. Maybe he can be introduced to me in the second or maybe third meeting. But the first? I'd say she's fucking crazy if she thinks she's going to get away with that shit. I barely fucking know her. I barely know how we're going to act once we meet and she's bringing ANOTHER person? That's too much for me. I'm sorry but I'm not going to meet her in the middle of May OR go with her to go see TBM. And I honestly don't give a fuck if she bought the tickets already. She can invite someone else. And I'm not gonna suck it up and tolerate it either. I don't have to be forced into that situation.

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