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What the fuck made me want to look up a chat room earlier this morning? O.o I dodged 20 messages from men wanting to....yeah. And then 10 messages from people who should seriously be locked up in a mental hospital. To top it off and what really drained my energy (to the point where I thought my brain was going to melt) was this one fucking Energizer bunny type troll who had a fucking problem with my Persephone username and proceeded to rant (I just silently lurked in the shadows and watched her write her retarded shit, just for my own amusement) about me.

She called me an attention whore, a lesbian whore, a dyke bitch, a hypocrite (I don't know what for though). Then she started saying these things that were supposed to hurt me, I guess? "No wonder with that ugly face, you don't get any p****!", "We all know why you're here! You're here to go muffin-diving with fake women that tell you how 'hot' you are! I bet you ___ ___ on that shit!" and "Ask yourself something. Do you know why there's 20 seconds of silence after you enter a room? You know, the lesbians in the lesbian chat room all think you're a weirdo!".

Me the entire time, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep talking. Oh, look! Look where I'm putting all the zero fucks I give!"

Ahahahahaha, go fuck yourself with a screwdriver! Wentworth style, bitch! That is all I have to say on that. It's just laughable. "My face is so ugly, I don't get any" Oooooookay! Forget the part where it's ultimately my decision who I choose to give myself to. At 26 years old and not 19, with a sleazy username like you.

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