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Exclamation Your input for a St. Louis interview on May 22.

Hello friends on the board...
This is William Z. and I'm the sole owner/writer of a music review/interview blog called The Noise Beneath the Snow at My friend ChimeraDoll is posting on my behalf here because I have been having issues getting logged in. Nevertheless...

The Birthday Massacre will be arriving in St. Louis Monday night, May 22 and I'm arranging with their tour manager an interview with the band. I've got a section of questions getting their thoughts on a few of the things posted within the "Under Your Spell" thread. There are some really great observations on there. Moreover, as you know...the band is very connected with their fans. And I thought it would be cool to ask them their thoughts.

But I thought about taking this one step further. I'd like to go in with perhaps more question than necessary just in case their answers are shorter than I think they will be on the ones I already have ready or if I end up having more time than I think.

So, here's my point... Is there anything you'd really like an answer on?... any ideas you might have for questions? If so, please email me directly at Or post them directly as a reply to this thread. I can at least read it if not reply to it. I'll see what I can do to possibly fit them in or incorporate them into one of the questions I have already.

I can come up with some more but I thought it would be cool to ask the online family. After all... that seems to be a lot of what the band is about. Thanks... and of course, I will share the interview once it's transcribed. It should be fun. Oh and one more thing. I have to give my questions to the tour manager by Sunday so you only have through Saturday night, May 20th Central US time.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts... Thanks!


PS. If you have a Twitter account... follow me on the link below and you'll get the link immediately when it's posted.

Follow me on Twitter for all the music reviews and interviews.

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