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Originally Posted by Plague Kitty View Post
This question is aimed at Chibi and anyone involved in making the lovely purple album covers!

Will you ever consider making a coloring book for your fans? There's a coloring book that I'm currently coloring in (this one) and I'm making everything The Birthday Massacre-ized! Using colors of purple, black, red and Blue It would be really awesome to color your famous bunnies black and the sky purple and anything else you include!

Much love to the moon and back,
~Crystal from Los Angeles, CA

P.S: If all things go well and I'm able to go, I'll see you at The Roxy! It would be my first time seeing you live. Been a fan since 2007!
Building on that, I'd also like to ask (I already asked a couple questions via email), can we suggest merch ideas and if so, who/where do we suggest them?

Thank you Plague Kitty for the signature. :')
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