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Originally Posted by AdamThing View Post
Where have you heard TBM streamed and have you streamed TBM yourself whether its off a youtube playlist, spotify or on pandora?

recently ive come across quite a few people that LET me stream TBM on their twitch stream and one of em played tbm "queen of hearts" on their own playlist. unfortunately ive had a bad experience and dont twitch anymore but plan to again eventually. it was just cool to experience tbm on there tho.
They weren't being streamed, but I saw them in the library of an artist I follow who was streaming her drawings - this was a few years ago (can't remember exact dates) but it was when they were a wee bit lesser known so I was positively surprised (delighted even :P) that they were starting to trickle into people's ears.

Here's the artist if anyone's interested: (they have some NSFW stuff on their FurAffinity account and I think tumblr - just a forewarning.)

As for myself, I don't do streaming of any media*, I prefer to own what I like in that regards.

*though I have been streaming TBM stuff from their Pledge and Bandcamp until I can get my hands on physical media, and watching them and Firewerk on YouTube but that be the exception.

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