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Fuck what happened at Applebee's on Sunday night >.< She ruined my dinner :/ Like, fucking really, bitch?

Keep your fucking comments to your damn self! :/

I don't fucking need to know that the word in spanish means "Penis". I mean, I already knew it meant that but I didn't blurt it out.

Ugh, whatever. I'm gonna try to let this go.

Next time we go, I'm gonna order something else that doesn't sound anything close to penis or vagina or something.


That's the 3rd fucking meal that she's ruined!

1) Ihop. I ordered black cherry pancakes. I was almost finished when she started talking about a friend of hers that cut herself accidentally while cooking. She showed me by calling my name and I thought she was gonna take a photo of me and then she flipped it and bam! Bloody arm and there it was, her elbow bone popping out! >.< This happened 3 years ago.

2) This was more recently. A month ago! It was at Denny's. I ordered a build your own pancakes and I poured some strawberry syrup and right when I was gonna finish it, she started talking about a stick going into her forehead when she was playing as a little girl.

Like, omg, really? Dx lol

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