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Wow, I wouldn't like that.

Nice pictures though!

I love the atmosphere.

It's beautiful.

Was the first one in Spring?

I like Spring more than Autumn.

Anyway, the last two were at the summit of Sharp Top Mountain in Virginia, US.

I miss Virginia...

Here's a couple of others! :D

I call this one "A Flight Above The Brush".

The next one was taken in Biloxi, MS, US awhile after Katrina hit.

I call it "Witness Of Gloom". (And it's somewhat crappy because I took the picture on my phone.)

This one was also taken with my phone, one of them anyway, in Fayetteville, NC, US. (This one's even crappier!)

Final Fantasy fans will hopefully see a resemblance!

I call it "Choco Cloud!"

This last one intrigues me.

I call it "The Fading Expression".

Can anyone guess what's above it??

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