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I pretty much bring up Grace whenever some fanboy says "NAME ANOTHER MUSICAL ARTIST WHO DID AS MUCH AS THE BEATLES, OR MORE, IN SUCH LITTLE TIME!" (The overrating of that band is something that kinda sickens me to this day).

One man, one album, one of the most influential and outstanding pieces of music ever. Especially since it's not even all his music. The songs that ARE his are otherworldly, and the ones that aren't? Well, we all know how he made Hallelujah his own.

I did the 10, as you noticed. Personally, I don't see any excuse not to adhere to thread specifications (And that goes for the multiple people who have done so in the thread). It happened to me on the old forum, I did an album of the year thread, and people started naming albums from other years. I don't get it, either contribute properly or don't.

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