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Default suggestions for TBM

If you were to suggest bands to any of the members of TBM what would it be?

I think owen would be interested in the metal I listen to because he knew about Coal Chamber touring in europe last year when I met him in toronto.

I was surprised to know Nate likes godsmack and korn.

Id suggest other stuff to rhim in terms of technical drumming such as meshuggah and necrophagist but thats prolly not his speed. :P

I could go on about some electronic acts with rainbow like ministry, the prodigy, meat beat manifesto etc to see if he was familiar with any of them.

Id mention some rock acts to mike like Kix for starters..maybe hes into that?

Lastly id like to throw some metal names to chibi because she likes devildriver and i think theres a little metalhead in her hehe.
mushroomhead, mudvayne, dope, downthesun for starters! its slower metal nothing insane.
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