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I've broadcasted on Stickam, Blogtv (when they were both open) and Vaughnlive (most currently) and have streamed TBM's music from either iTunes, Spotify or Youtube.

It's been such an awesome experience because people who were in my cast heard their music and became interested and some even became fans. I remember someone signing into my cast when I streamed their Superstition album on the release date to ask which song I was playing and then signed out once I gave them their answer

People have streamed TBM in their casts because they know I like them, which is so incredible to me!! Also CV has streamed TBM and other great music in his casts on Vaughnlive too :D

Overall, it's been so very wonderful! I believe it's a great way to get more people aware of TBM and definitely a potential for new fans. I haven't casted in awhile but when I do, I always play TBM and hope to find others who enjoy them
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