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Old 08-06-2009, 10:44 AM
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Default What Was Awesome About Today?

Post the shite that made your day. Little things to bragging.

Here's mine:

For those who DON'T know, I'm an active-durty Navy photojournalist and broadcast journalist. My last command was doing photojournalism for a specific unit of Navy engineers and construction workers, known as "Seabees." II left them in May and had been deployed to eastern Africa, where were doing all sorts of humanitarian work.

I finally checked the online copy of Seabee Magazine, a quartly publication that showcases the Naval Contruction Force globally. Since that was my job at my previous command and I flooded ever single one of our outlets with so many photos, the magazine is SWAMPED with my work!

Seabee Magazine Summer 2009 (link)

Cover: My photo
Index Pg. 2: Photo caption
Pg. 3: My old command, NMCB 11's feature block
Pg. 4: The "intro" story with two photos
Pg. 5: Comoros story with a photo and a second photo from Djibouti
Pg. 6: Ethiopia with photo
Pg. 7: Cameroon (Not my story or photos, but good to see my boys in there!)
Pg. 8: Djibouti with two photos
Pg. 9: Uganda story by my friend Dustin and a photo by an Air Force lady. Top photo is mine.
Pg. 23: Not my story or photo, but it's my guys in the Middle East amd how one ran into his dad on their deployments!
Pg. 24: Another cool story about out guys, this one in Afghanistan
Pg. 25: Another photo of mine published (Comoros)
Pg. 37: Some not-so-exciting "mug shots" I took with nice quotes from my old 'Bees.
Back Cover: My photo and friend PLASTERED with Ugandan kids for the world to see. This makes it feel like all that work finally paid off.
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