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Old 10-12-2016, 07:55 PM
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Default Mystery Skulls

Anyone here into Mystery Skulls?

I started seeing fan art for it on deviantART and tumblr and after months of resisting I finally gave the video the fan art was based on a watch...and loved it. Once again I listen to the other albums and love them too.

At the time the albums that were available were their EP (available on their bandcamp: and Forever. Fairly recently a collection of 'Ultra Rare Tracks' was made available - I'm assuming due to them being posted on YouTube and not available in high quality elsewhere. (I think they were possibly available for download on his website at first but I don't know if they were good quality/lossless or not).

I'm hoping there will be a volume 2.

Thank you Plague Kitty for the signature. :')

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