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Old 08-07-2014, 12:21 PM
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Default +O Women In Music O+

Seems like there's not much female music outside pop, at least, not as much as there is male. Come to think of it, there's hardly any major all-female bands. I think it's an illusion. They're out there, but they're not recognized by the sausage-fest that is the rock industry. I'm no expert, but I've tried to gather a few:

A good start is the Alright, This Time Just the Girls compilations, but here's some from my library.
  • Angelfish
    You probably know Garbage, but the ultra-fab Shirley Manson was in this band before. They sound a bit more Scottish than Garbage. Only one eponymous album to my knowledge.

  • Arch Enemy
    Eh ... pretty good in the Angela Gossow years, but the new singer doesn't seem to have the same depth of vocal tone. Wages of Sin is great, the later albums aren't as lyrically good, but still fun. Approach this band with a sense of fun. Of course, the rest of the super-group are male, but Gossow added a great deal to the ferocity and melodrama with her excellent range and enthusiasm.

  • Babes In Toyland
    Abrasive. The instrumental The Quiet Room on To Mother is an impressive change of pace.

  • The Bangles
    Of course.

  • Beach House
    Underwater acoustic weird loveliness.

  • Blondie
    Interesting to note that while Debbie Harry sang all those stalking songs, they were written by another boy in the band. (I think.)

  • Cat Power
    A journey from screeching alcoholic to blues singer to sober revelation over 9 albums offers plenty of variety.

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg
    Serge Gainsbourg's daughter, with all kinds of interesting lyrics sung slightly horsely to keep you busy. Also, watch Lars Von Trier's Antichrist.

  • Chrisma
    Don't know much about these guys, but the singer appears to be French, judging by the accent. The only song I have is Black Silk Socking from Chinese Restaurant.

  • Courtney Love / Hole
    Courtney still kicks balls when it comes to rock n' roll. I don't care what people say, what she did for a feminist voice in rock was monumental.

  • Cranes
    Beautiful child like voice amid a kind of dreamy, rock classical environment. Favorite song is probably, Are You Gone?, which will make you cry.

  • Cyndi Lauper
    Another legend. Brought female masturbation to the table with She Bop and sang the classic True Colors and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

  • Die Mannequin
    Canadian punk rock with charismatic front woman Care Failure. Dead Honey is a favorite for me.[/I] Proof that all is not maple syrup, politenes, "ey?", "aboot" and mounties in Canada.

  • Dum Dum Girls
    Lo-fi album I Will Be with it's short, deadpan tracks is my favorite, plus Take Care of My Baby on the He Gets Me High EP.

  • Emily Jane White
    Another top lyricist, low key with dark material. Piano heavy The Demon on Dark Undercoat is my favorite.

  • Fancy Space People
    Not sure how easy it will be to find this, but they are a kind of fantastic pastiche of 70s sci-fi psychadelia. Well worth finding. Look up the video Pyramids Shoot Golden Rays. Fronted by ... um ... someone who appears further down this list.

  • Garbage
    Of course.

  • Gitane Demone
    First known as occasional Christian Death singer and BDSM fashionista, Gitane has an exquisite jazz voice. She did a more rocky album, Stars Of Trash, and Dream Home Heartache with the late great Rozz Williams. My favorite is Jesus, Where's the Sugar? a shining star in the rather appalling Valor Kand's revival of Christian Death. Erection is also remarkable - and rather frank!

  • Hope Sandoval / Mazzy Star
    Possibly my favorite singer ever. Hope can be found both in Mazzy Star and The Warm Inventions Dreamy shoegaze that will send you to sleep and give you an inkling of what heroin feels like.

  • How To Destroy Angels
    Mariqueen Maandig's voice has been criticized, but I liked it. A Drowning is a haunting track.

  • Ida Maria
    Raucous singer from somewhere in Scandinavia, I think. Try her for the song title, I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked.


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Old 08-07-2014, 12:56 PM
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Default +O continued... O+

  • The Iron Maidens
    All-woman cover band. See also Judas Priestess.

  • Jack Off Jill
    Gothy 'riot grrrls' that, like so many bands, fell apart when they got a taste of fame. Self mutilation on stage was par for the course, I've heard. Front woman Jessicka Addams is now in Scarling., a markedly different group that's also worth a look. JoJ's songs are somewhat raw and juvenile, but they're also great and a good insight into the teen angst of the 90s. Themes cover revenge, society, abuse, bigotry and dismorphia. Favorite lyric, "Kids sure like the devil these days, and I'm the devil with a black dress on." There's a good deal of deliberately provocative titles, like Cumdumpster; Confederate Fag; Angels Fuck, Devils Kiss; Spit and Rape and so on.

  • Kate Bush
    So many classics from this deranged songbird.

  • Lily Marlene
    Not that one, this one:
    See also glam girl group Lily and the Ladies.

  • Marissa Nadler
    String instrument enthusiast and folky singer, Marissa's lyrics are always tinged with sorrow and wistfulness, plus unexpected turns of phrase. A good start is the more update, but still tinged, The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You.

  • Martina Topley-Bird
    Natural London accent. If she had only released one song, Anything, she would still be immortal anyway. Luckily, there a several more. Had a relationship with Tricky and sang on several of his tracks, miscredited on his breakthrough album Maximquaye as "Martine."

  • Nora Keyes
    This is the one who fronted Fancy Space People, I'd forgotten her name. Exceedingly eccentric. My favorite song being the hateful, shrieking, Look At You, You're Ugly.

  • Regina Spektor
    Russia brings it's own brand of madness to the fray. Regina's lyrics are exceedingly imaginative and varied. I like Machine and the genius vision of All the Rowboats.

  • Scarling.
    Mentioned earlier under Jack Off Jill, this is quite a different band. Waves of noise with Jessicka attaining a more complex voice. So Long, Scarecrow is my favorite album of their two. The single Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole is an excellent attack on what happens when world causes go in and out of fashion.

  • Sonic Youth
    Fronted by a guy and gal, so I guess it counts. Daydream Nation and especially Goo are my favorite albums from Sonic Youth; I haven't been able to get my brain around their more experimental stuff yet. Kissability is great; "You could be a star - IT AIN'T HARD!"

  • Warpaint
    Just getting started on this all girl outfit. Some kind of rock, harmonic singing thingy. I like it.

As I said, these are a nice addition to your playlists, along with the two Alright, This Time Just the Girls compilations. Enjoy!

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