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Old 09-01-2012, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Clear Vision View Post
I don't need an explanation for the sexual harrasment agains woman and even underages girls. I'm sorry but this is just unexplainable. Have had a chat conversation after it all happened and he said he made some misstakes, but is a guy with a heart of gold. I think it's disgusting that he'd say that after what he has done and he should be ashamed instead to trying to make up what a good guy he is.
Oh, what an utter prick. He should be ashamed.

And to the woman around, they have all the right to be suspicious about anything. I can only do my best and proof that I'm not like him. I know it's tough after something like this has happened and I would be happy if they could trust people like you and me again and accept it more easily and the first step in this is to also be aware of how they might feel in this possition. Like I said there's no excuse for the wrongs he has made and they can't be explained. I'm sure everyon is welcome, but can understand if anybody is atleast a bit suspicious.
Mate, we know you're not like him. Don't sweat it.
Green is not a creative colour.

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