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Old 03-17-2008, 06:17 PM
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Default Releasing Music in a Lossleess Format.

I stumbled upon your band through a postcard that I got with an order from Metropolis. As soon as I brought you MySpace page I was instantly interested in hearing more. I went out to my local CD stores but The Birthday Massacre was nowhere to be found.

I looked on Metroplis' website and followed many many links to various sites where The Birthday Massacre's music is available for download, but none of those sites offered a Lossless solution. So the files that are being downloaded are merely photocopies of an original, a knockoff.

In the coming months I see less and less value in actually owning a CD. It's nice to have the case, and the artwork, and if the price was right I would certainly pick one up if I had enough desire. Truthfully, that desire only comes for bands I have been long following, and would like to own as many CDs from as possible. When it comes to bands that I haven't listened to before owning the CD is less of a priority. Maybe in time, in a second hand CD store, I might see an album from them at a price I would feel comfortable paying.

If the opportunity was there to download The Birthday Massacre's music in a lossless form, and a decent price I would do it in an instant. Not just the singles either, entire albums. I would like to hear more from the band than just what's played on there MySpace.

Does anyone else feel the same, is the death of the CD in anyone else's looking glass?
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Old 03-17-2008, 06:39 PM
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The death of the cd is already here, what you're seeing at Best Buy or whatever cd store you go to is consumer necrophilia.

Sales are still down on albums..

Distrubuters are shutting down left and right...

Labels are limiting who they sign more so than before, but they're doing alright with digital downloads.

This isn't due to piracy whatsoever, it has to do with corporate greed.

Walmart, Best Buy and stores like them tend to sell cd's at cost and times below. This hurts distrubuters because Walmart and stores like them are forcing indie stores to shut down because they can't compete price wise. The problem is, indie stores tend to cover a wider range of music which makes distrubuters happy.

As for lossless...

I personally love it because I only use mp3's on the computer, I prefer lossless in the car because I have higher end equipment and I can hear just how lossy mp3's are in the car. So I do not pay to download mp3's on Itunes or what have you, I'm not going pay money for something that is half assed. But sadly, most don't seem to notice the difference so they download their shit from Itunes and pop in their earbuds on their ipod.

But due to the fact most seem content with the Ipod/mp3 thing, I don't see the lossless thing happening anytime soon in a mainstream type of way. It would involve more server space/bandwidth which I'm sure Apple and the others prefer to avoid. I'm also not sure how Ipods handle lossless formats, if they do at all.

But it is a shame because if artists started using lossless, I'd quit buying cd's and would pay them to download their material. But sadly, I think we're in the minority when it comes to the lossless thing...
Devianza, Inc
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Old 03-17-2008, 08:49 PM
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I'm hoping that what Trent Reznor has done with Nine Inch Nails, and Saul Williams will catch on for other artists.

Both Ghosts I-IV, and Niggy Tardust were available in a lossless format. I paid for both without a second thought.
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Old 03-18-2008, 01:17 AM
the jesse of doom the jesse of doom is offline
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i rarely buy cds, i'd say mastodon, tbm, alkaline trio, nine inch nails, and a couple of my friend's bands are the only ones i buy, simply to have them in my collection showing support for the bands. otherwise, i'd rather see lossless downloads/distribution (thumb drives or something) coupled with vinyl releases. i collect vinyl still, and to me, nothing has or ever will sound better than the first time you put on a brand new LP.
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Old 03-18-2008, 06:02 AM
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of course it would be better if people who are willing to pay for a download could get a lossless version. the problem is they won't keep it for themselves, they will upload it somewhere else or will send it to their friends. i know there are protections, but if we're being honest we know they are not there for long, there will always be new possibilities to get music without paying.
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