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Post The Birthday Massacre Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. v3.2

The information contained is current up to March 2011.

---***THE BAND***---

Q1) What's The Birthday Massacre?

THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE is a project based in Toronto, Canada, offering up a lot of experimentation in concept post-retro musicianship. They are a balance between the light and dark facets of music - blending fantasy with dark realism, and the paradoxes of horror with humour, innocence with tragedy, love with irony.

Q2) Who's currently in the band? Who plays what?

The Birthday Massacre Live: Chibi-vocals, Rainbow-guitar, M.Falcore-guitar, Nate Manor-Bass, Rhim-Drums, Owen-Keyboards
See individual albums for who plays/programs/writes on which recording.

Q3a) What are their real names?
b) Why do they do that?
c) Where do the stage names come from?

a) The band use their stage names/personas.
b) For fun, to create atmosphere and to play on themes of fantasy and youth.
c) From films and books they liked or were influenced by as children, or words significant to the members.

Q4) Who are TBM signed to?

TBM is currently signed to Metropolis Records. Formerly, Repo Records handled some European countries.

Q5a) What's the story with O.E./Owen?
b) What happened to Aslan?

a) O.E. and Owen aren't the same person. O.E. is the former drummer (Dec00-Feb03) and former bassist (Feb07-July10), and is also in his own trip-hop/electro band “Isle of Dogs” (formerly “Ill Attire”). Rhim has been drumming for the Birthday Massacre since March 2003. Owen has been playing keyboards with the band since spring 2005.
b) Aslan left The Birthday Massacre in May 2007 to focus on his own projects.

Q6) Who else has been in/played with The Birthday Massacre?
Former Members:
Aslan -Bass 99-2007
Dank -Live Keys 99-Mar01
Adm -Live Keys Jan02-Jul04
Live musicians:
J. Pilley -Live Drums, albeit briefly, in 2000. Now in "New Love Army".
Party Man -Live Keys/Vox Sept-Nov 2004 -briefly borrowed from 'Lye' (now A.P.E.) for a few US shows.

Q7) Who/what is Imagica?

The Birthday Massacre was originally named Imagica, the name taken from a novel by Clive Barker. The change was made in 2001 (a band already existed with a similarly spelled name), taking the new name from one of their own songs, and renaming the song 'Happy Birthday' to retain a connection with their audience.


Q8) When Is TBM coming to play MY city/country/backyard??!?

See the tour section of the board for show dates, or or their Facebook page for info.

Q9) I can't get to a TBM show, but are there any live recordings or videos?

The "Show and Tell" CD/DVD is a live recording from 2007.
On the "Blue" DVD, there are live videos of 'Violet' and 'Video Kid'. Lots or clips are available all over the internet. A good place to start:

Q10) What music gear do they use?

A partial list that changes occasionally:
Rainbow: Gibson guitars, Boss pedals, Messaboogie Dual Rectifier Head + Cabinet
M. Falcore: Gibson Guitars, T.C.Electronic's G-System effects, Line 6-Vetta II
Nate: Gibson Basses, Gallien Krueger Heads and Cabinets
Rhim: ddrum Dominion Kit, Dream “Energy” Cymbals, Evans heads, Vater sticks.
Owen: Korg MS2000, Virus, Roland AX-7
Recording: Nuendo, ProTools, Focusrite, Audix mics, KRK Monitors

---***TBM ONLINE***---

Q11) Where is the band Online? What is the official website? <--Main Site, latest news, tour info, frequent updates <--Forum: (which this F.A.Q. is posted on!) With over 1200 worldwide members on this message board, you can chat, chill or find anything TBM related here. The board was lost a couple of years back when it had nearly 5000 members…so we’re rebuilding!

--Other Official Sites--

Q12a) What are these "easter eggs" on the 'Nothing and Nowhere' website?
b)I have tried, but I can’t find all of them.

a) Easter eggs are hidden extras, like dvds sometimes have. You access them by clicking on certain places, or doing certain things in sequence to obtain the extras.
b) Ask someone on the forum, they will be able to help you should you get completely stuck.


Q13a) Where can I get the "Nothing And Nowhere" CD?
b) Where can I get the first Imagica demo?

a) "Nothing and Nowhere" was re-released in Dec 2004, with new artwork and precisely the same recordings found on the original. For a time it was only available through the band at live shows or through mail order. As of June 5, 2007 it was available through Metropolis Records, and therefore, easily attainable. Get it HERE. The original "Nothing And Nowhere" CD from 2002, was a limited edition of 500.
b) Ha. The Band only has -one- of the 40. The other 39??

Q14) Why are there multiple versions of "Violet"?

The band recorded/distributed the "Violet" EP completely independently in 2004, and shortly after, record labels approached them to carry the album. In order for TBM to debut properly on this larger scale, it was decided a full length LP would best represent the band and satisfy new listeners. Four tracks from the previous album were resurrected, re-recorded and the whole record was re-mastered making the "Violet" LP. Other variations are simply in packaging for release in different countries.

Q15) Have they covered any songs?

Yes, they recorded a version of Limahl's "The Never Ending Story". Not officially released, it can be found on the internet. They've done a live cover of Mindless Self Indulgence's "Straight To Video", and recently on the “Looking Glass“ EP they had a cover of “I Think We‘re Alone Now“.

Q16) Where can I get “Make Believe” and “Velvet”?

”Make Believe” and “Velvet” have never been recorded by The Birthday Massacre although they are the band's songs. Played live as Imagica, but not recorded. Two audio clips often found on the internet claim to be those two songs but are actually short clips of other barely begun, unnamed tracks.

Q17a) Ok, so, how many versions of 'Happy Birthday" have been released?
b) And the other songs?

a) There are 3. The "Imagica" demo version (then titled 'The Birthday Massacre'), the second demo version (same as on Nothing and Nowhere) and the 'Violet' LP version.
b) Since 4 songs from the first Imagica Demo were re-recorded for N&N, and 4 songs from N&N were re-recorded for 'Violet', AND all the tracks from the 'Violet' EP were re-mastered for the LP....most songs exist in two versions/mixes (if you count a re-master as a different version). The songs Promise Me, Nothing and Nowhere, Queen of Hearts and Nighttime have been done once. Got all that?

---***OTHER STUFF***---

Q18) Where can I buy Birthday Massacre Merch? Can I get CDs/Merch even though I don't live in Canada?

Lots of places and Yes.

Cds are often available in Hot Topic, Best Buy, Tower records, Circuit City, FYE, HMV, etc. Record stores that don't have it in stock CAN order it if you ask!

iTunes (will launch player)
Kill The 8 <-Canada, but ships anywhere!
Amazon.ce <---Canada!!

Q19) How do I contact the band?

Professional/booking inquiries only:
Other: You may get lucky on the Official Message board or perhaps facebook/twitter etc. When time permits, the band does read the board and the community groups, and they are VERY grateful for everyone’s support!!

Q20) Has any member of the band been on any other projects?

Yes. Chibi appears on a Rainbow/TBM remix of Vanity Beach's "The Knight Murders" and in 2009 recorded the vocals for WWE's Katie Lea Burchill's entrance theme.
Owen was/is in "Electric Knife Fight"
Rhim was in "Aphasia"(eventually became "A.P.E.") and "Lynch" -recorded albums for both and has also worked with Fallon Bowman as well.
Various members of TBM worked on remixes of the Mindless Self Indulgence tracks "Straight to Video" and "Never Wanted To Dance"
Rainbow has done remixes/contributed guitar tracks for Vanity Beach, Funker Vogt, Left Spine Down, Dope Stars Inc., and assisted in recording Ill Attire's album.
O.E. is the vocalist/mastermind of "Isle of Dogs" (formerly Ill Attire).
Nate has with a ton of artists including: Amen and Wednesday 13.

(Thanks Simon for your original faq this was based upon!)

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