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Post The Birthday Massacre Discography


NAME------------------TYPE-- LABEL--------- RELEASED-------- #COPIES

'Imagica Demo'--------- EP -------------------Oct 28 2000--------40
Recorded/Manufact. -Dire, London, Ont. Mastered -Riverdell, Toronto.
-40 Original, hand numbered copies exist.
Tracks: Over, Remember Me, Under The Stairs, The Birthday Massacre, Nothing And Nowhere, Queen Of Hearts, Nighttime

'Imagica Demo'--------- EP -------------------Sept 2001----------<80?
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Maunfac. -Dire, Toronto. The 2 tracks from demo1 were Re-recorded. Total # of copies unknown...less than 80.
Tracks: The Birthday Massacre, Horror Show, Broken, Over, Promise me

'Nothing and Nowhere'-- LP -------------------July 23 2002--------500
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered -Dire, Toronto. Manufact. by IndiePool. Band changes name and song 'The Birthday Massacre' is renamed 'Happy Birthday'. Contains all 5 tracks from second Imagica Demo.
Tracks: Happy Birthday, Horror Show, Promise Me, Under The Stairs, To Die For, Video Kid, Over, Broken, The Dream

'Violet'------------------EP ------'-------------Jul 20 2004--------1000
Recorded/Mixed -Dire and Phase One, Toronto. Mastered -Phase One.
Tracks: Prologue, Lovers End, Violet, Red, Play Dead, Blue, Black, Holiday, Nevermind

'Violet'------------------LP -----RepoRecords'--Oct 25 2004--------Unltd.
'----------------------- LP -----Metropolis-----Aug 9 2005---------Unltd.
Expanded for release with 4 re-recorded N&N tracks (at Dire and Desolation studios, Toronto). Whole album re-mastered at Lacquer Channel, Toronto. Artwork slightly altered to fit digipack case. Liner notes changed to reflect band member changes, lyrics for new tracks, new label/distrib/mastering info, ect.
Metropolis Records version same as RepoRecords, but in standard case, with liner notes/logos detailing Metropolis involvement.
Tracks: Prologue, Lovers End, Happy Birthday, Horror Show, Violet, Red, Play Dead, Blue, Video Kid, The Dream, Black, Holiday, Nevermind

'Nothing and Nowhere'-- LP --------------------Dec 2004---------<3000 ?
----------------------- LP -----Metropolis-----June 5 2007--------Unltd.
----------------------- LP -----Repo----------Aug 10 2007---------Unltd.
Re-release. Artwork totally redone, tracks same versions from original 'Nothing and Nowhere'. Sold at shows/online by TBM, carried by Metropolis as of June 2007 and by Repo in Europe in August.
Tracks: Happy Birthday, Horror Show, Promise Me, Under The Stairs, To Die For, Video Kid, Over, Broken, The Dream

'Blue'------------------ DVD ----Indep/Repo---Aug 1 2005-----------Unltd.
DVD creation by TBM. Videos directed by: D.Ouelette and S.Jones RepoRecords European version same as Canadian version, except RepoRecords logo added to box artwork.
Videos: Blue, Nevermind, Violet (Live July 2004), Video Kid(Live July 2004)

'Walking With Strangers'-LP ----Metropolis/Repo-Sept 11 2007--------Unltd.
Fully re-recorded versions or "To Die For" and "Remember Me"
Tracks: Kill The Lights, Goodnight, Falling Down, Unfamiliar, Red Stars, Looking Glass, Science, Remember Me, To Die For, Walking With Strangers, Weekend, Movie

'Looking Glass'---------- EP ----Metropolis/Repo --May 6 2008--------Unltd.
"Crawling Pulse Mix" by ’The Start’, "Lukewarm Lover Mix" by ’Il Attire’/Rainbow, "Space Lab Mix" by Dean Garcia, "NYC 77 Mix" by Dave Ogilvie / Matthew Moldowan and assisted by Colin Janz. "Looking Glass" video directed by Dan Ouellette.
Tracks: Looking Glass, Falling Down (Crawling Pulse Mix), Shiver, Red Stars (Lukewarm Lover Mix), Nowhere, Red Stars (Space Lab Mix), Weekend (NYC 77 Mix), I Think We're Alone Now, Looking Glass (Quicktime Video)

'Show And Tell'--------- LP -----Metropolis/Repo --May 5 2009--------Unltd.
------------------------DVD----Repo Records-----Oct 2 2009--------Unltd.
------------------------DVD----Metropolis Records---Feb 9 2010-------Unltd.
Live recording. Club: Knust, Hamburg, Germany. November 5th, 2007.
Tracks:Before Dark, Video Kid, Lovers End, Goodnight, Falling Down, Violet, Red Stars, Looking Glass, Remember Me, Unfamiliar, Walking with Strangers, Weekend, Horror Show, Kill The Lights, Blue, Happy Birthday

'Pins And Needles'--------LP----Metropolis Records---Sep 14 2010--------Unltd.
Tracks: In the Dark, Always, Pale, Control, Shallow Grave, Sideways, Midnight, Pins and Needles, Two Hearts, Sleepwalking, Secret

'Imaginary Monsters'------EP---Metropolis Records---Aug 9 2011--------Unltd.
Tracks: Forever, Burn Away, Left Behind, Pale(Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie 'Rubber Unicorn' Mix), Control(Tweaker Mix), Shallow Grave" (Combichrist 'Good For Her' Mix), Pins and Needles(SKOLD Mix), Shallow Grave(Assemblage 23 Mix), In The Dark(Video)

'title tba'----------------LP ----Metropolis Records----Fall 2012--------Unltd.

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